Obtaining the certificate 
"Digital Technology Management"

Each semester, we select ~20 students to participate in the DLab to pursue the certificate in Digital Technology Management. 


The program is designed to last three semesters, during which students will gather knowledge in the fields of innovation & technology management, entrepreneurship, management, and several other fields of study, which students can freely choose.


Our program is designed as an add-on to your ordinary degree and is not a degree by itself. It rather is a voluntary certificate program during which you will...

  • ... apply knowledge and latest technology to real-world issues
  • ... build a strong network of students of different backgrounds
  • ... benefit from latest teaching methods that center around students needs


The program consists of core classes, electives, and an practical experiences.

Core courses are exclusively designed for DLab participants. Students will learn about digital innovation in corporate environments and startup ecosystems.

Electives consist of existing courses from several faculties and should broaden participating students' knowledge. Students have to take two classes outside their own faculties.

Practical experience is mandatory for all participants who wish to complete the program.

Core classes

Core classes consist of four different formats:

During the corporate digital innovation seminar, students work in small groups to analyze trends in several industries, define future scenarios for this industry and derive promising business opportunities. Industry experts provide first-hand insights and guidance to the student groups. The seminar takes place at the beginning of the first DLab semester.

The lean start-up seminar provides students with theoretical and practical approaches on how to develop innovations and in­no­va­ti­ve products, drive them from an idea stage, over the development and financing stage to the market entry. The seminar takes place during the second DLab semester.

During the venture creation project, students have the opportunity to turn their acquired knowledge gathered during their master's programs and during the DLab classes into action. Small groups of students will work on business opportunities and create their own business plans or - if they choose to - start to run their own company, supported by experts from the DLab community. The seminar takes place during the third DLab semester.

Finally, students participate in DLab workshops, which take place approximately twice a semester. During these workshops, experts from the DLab community will share their experiences and work with students on several competencies. DLab students participate in the preparation of the workshop and can hence tailor content to the needs and interests of the community. Potential formats include: 

  • How to pitch ideas in front of investors
  • How to size a market for a new product
  • How to hire first employees
  • How to sell in a B2B environment


DLab students are required to complete two electives outside their "home faculties" to gain insights beyond their main degrees' curriculums.
The following classes are currently open for DLab students.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Exemplary Curriculum

Students are given the flexibility to choose the timing and content of electives, depending on their needs and personal interests. Ideally, students complete the certificate in the following order:

Overall, the program has 40-50 ECTS, depending on the chosen electives. Some courses and seminars might be creditable in the main degrees as well. Hence most students are likely to require fewer additional credits than the full program load of 40-50 ECTS.

The certificate in Digital Technology Management will be awarded on a pass or fail basis. Hence all DLab courses, seminars, and workshops are passed or failed; no other grades will be given.